Crochet Thread Holders

There are many places to put your thread while you’re working on a project. My favorite container is a freezer bag. One is usually big enough for the thread, hook and pattern for a project, and I can set it in my lap while working or just grab it on the way out the door. Here are some other options from our crocheting ancestors.

From 1911: A small goldfish globe, about four inches across the top, is the very best receptacle for knitting yarn or crochet cotton, which one always wants to keep off the floor. The ball or spool stays in the globe much better than in a box, and will not upset readily. Neither is it expensive. One has only to be a little careful that it is not broken.

From Jerusha Scott in 1913: The handiest implement I have discovered for holding the thread while crocheting is a small cardboard box, five and one-half inches long, three and one-half inches wide and two and one-half inches high. Take a stiletto and punch a hole in the side or end of the box, put in the spool or ball of thread, close the lid, and let the end of thread pass out through the aperture.

It is an excellent plan to have a separate opening for each color. If preferred the holes may be in the cover of the box, but I find them more convenient placed as directed.

(I think it would be great to use a box of any size, and cover it with fun wrapping paper. Line it with a plastic bag and use a few of those thin, colorful, stretchy headbands to keep the lid on the box.

From Mrs. L.J.L. In1911: Please try my way of holding a spool, when crocheting: Thread a narrow ribbon or cord through the spool and fasten around the neck, allowing the spool to come as low as wanted.

Another idea I have seen is to use a small fabric or crocheted bag with a short handle. Put your thread in the bag, put the bag over your left wrist, and you’re ready to go. You could use this method while you’re standing or even walking!

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