How To Cut Crocheted Lace Without Unraveling the Edge

If you have a length of crocheted lace edging or insertion that’s too long for your project, you can cut it safely using the following method to prevent raveling at the cut edge.

There is usually only one edge that will cause trouble, so it’s not as difficult as you might think. First, thread a needle with contrasting colored thread, as this will show up the stitches better in finishing the end. Pass the needle through each stitch, always taking care not to twist the stitch. Then cut your lace carefully one row past the colored thread.

Now take some thread that is like that used for the lace, fasten it in at one edge and work into the stitches that you passed the colored thread through. Use slip stitch or single crochet across, catching into each stitch as you go. Fasten off on the opposite edge, and draw out the colored thread to remove it.

If one does the work neatly the stitches cannot be detected, and the cut end stitches cannot pull out.

This is a great way to use lengths of vintage crocheted lace that were not crocheted directly into a fabric edge.